Sensual Domination and Mesmerizing Through Smoke

quinn69 smoking and looking at you intensely

Sensual Domination: You Can’t Resist the Power of My Voice, My Eyes, My Smoke

Smoking goes so well with everything. Beyond being immensely satisfying it’s such a powerful act, and dramatic as well as the smoke pours from between my lips in thick clouds that stream past my face. Sensual Domination is no different, and we both know you’re powerless to resist me once I look at you and decide to make you mine. I captivate and enchant you, drawing you as you beg for more. I love the effect I have on you, the power I have over you as the rhythms of my voice pull you into my web. I look at you and take control of your body and mind with my own.

In this smoking sensual domination clip the enchantment begins from the moment I look at you, you instantly feel your cock stiffen and start to throb and I smile knowingly as I light my cigarette. I KNOW. I don’t just see the effect I have, I’m inside your mind. My body moves, hips winding, smoke swirling around my body as I draw you in deeper, deeper until you’re begging to cum for me. You always cum for me of course, as with everything my wish is your command.

smoking and sensual domination video snapshot montage

As a fetish camgirl I love sensual domination. I enjoy harsher forms of Domination immensely but there’s something magical about the mixture of sensuality, Female power- and cigarettes of course. Of all the clips I create my sensual domination videos are always my personal favs as they allow me to tap into something special, something that draws us together and gently bends you down on your knees right where I like you.

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