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I’m an independent cam girl, hard core academic, and webmaster. I’m a ridiculously huge nerd.
I love laughing more than pretty much everything in the world (cats, dancing, sex and politics excluded)


My Skype Cam Girl Story


I started camming about 18 years years ago while I was still in school, and discovered that I love it. I started out on a ‘big box’ cam site and switched over to being an indie (independent) cam girl 13 years ago. From there I went from listing sites to running my own personal website and built my own listing site, which I then sold to a wickedly awesome new owner to pursue other offline ventures. Quinn69.com is still mine though 🙂


My Cam Girl Bio


I’m originally from Toronto, Canada but I decided to flee the cold and now live in paradise, aka the Caribbean. I’m way older than I look but with the maturity level of someone 10 (the perfect do not give a fuck crowd), and I live with 2 kittens (all cats are kittens) that I adore.

I’m vegan but don’t make a fuss about it, addicted to hard core workouts and while I work hard, I love to play even harder. I’ve never been bored in my life but if I was I’d probably just spend the day swimming and then dance all night with a few good friends

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Some Random Favs of Mine


Food: watermelon, mangoes, and mushrooms. I put pepper on everything

Authors: George Dei, bell hooks, Nalo Hopkinson, Dionne Brand and Lawrence Hill

Music: Hip hop, Dancehall, Reggae and Reggaeton. Nas, Dead Prez, Mobb Deep, Daddy Yankee, Alkaline, Yandel, Farruko, Kartel, Tupac, Freddie Gibbs, Wiz, basically anyone who creates art that drives me to shake mah azz.

Fav Type of People: everyday

Artists: El-Salahi, Dali, Picasso

Word: Resist

Vices: I love smoking, Surgeon General be damned.

Workouts: dancing, swimming, running, Insanity and yoga (well…I hate yoga, but that ish works)

Football Club: ManU. Always 🙂

Place on Earth: JA

Clothing: I embrace my inner scrub, usually going about my day in army shorts and Docs, but I love the way I feel in lingerie and stockings.


Tracks of the Moment




Turn Me On


I love wit, laughter, intelligence, kindness, humility, curiosity, energy, imagination, creativity and ethics.
I have a fetish for ethics, I mostly keep that to myself but if you wanna take off your clothes and act all decent for me,
bring it the fuck on


Turn Me Off


Earn a special spot on the ‘dicks who will never get on my skype list‘ list by demonstrating arrogance,
entitlement, cruelty, judgment and idiocy.

Or just be awesome so we can have some fun 🙂


Some Random Stats


Ancestry: Métis, English and Mi’kmaq (my primary culture). So in easy for y’all to pronounce terms I’m ‘Native Canadian’. No I am not a 1/25th Indian princess =p

Height: 5’8 1/2″

Weight: Varies depending on whether I remember to eat and the strength of the gravitational force that surrounds me.
Usually around 115-120 lbs

Bra size: 28B

Shoe size: Men’s size 8. For walking in docs or sandals.
For heels doesn’t matter as they don’t leave the bed.

Zodiac (if you’re into that sort of thing): scorpio


Why Do You Never Smile in Your Photos?


I laugh more than probably anyone you’ve ever met but I’m not into being ‘smiley’ on command, it always feels contrived and fake. In short I rarely smile in pics cuz that’s not really who I am.
So you see I’m not actually a miserable biatch, I just look like one!

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