Biceps Flexing Strip Tease and Smoking

quinn69 flexing her biceps and smoking

Biceps Flexing Like a Badass

The thing I love the most about biceps flexing and muscle fetish videos is combining the raw power of cut muscle, flesh and sinew with the sensuality inherent to the female body. Smoking fits this theme as well I find, in that there’s something both sexy and tough about a cigarette dangling between two full, red lips.

In this clip I start out in a black bra and tiny grey lace panties that really show off my tan. I LIVE in the sun down here, and my biceps flexing and muscle fetish videos are all the better for it; there’s nothing like dark skin to really show off the cuts in my muscle as they flex and pop. I gaze into you sensuously as I smoke, completely aware of the power I hold over you, the strength that captivates and enchants you. I feel you tremble at my power, both the power of my female form and the power that I exude with each flex, my biceps, abs and thigh muscles standing out in high relief against my flesh and bone.


When I flex you want me, but you’re also a little bit afraid, just how I like you. I want to intimidate you as well as turn you on as there’s tremendous power in both, and I’m into power. 🙂

Watch my lean, slender form as I display my raw strength. Feel what it does to you, what I do to you and know that this is exactly what I planned. From my first inhale, with my first flex of my powerful biceps you can’t turn away, drawn in by my body and my effect on yours….

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