Red Lipstick Smoking

red lipstick smoking in lingerie

Red Lipstick Smoking: I Crave Your Cum JOI

If you know me you know I hate, abhor, detest wearing make-up. With my bone structure I think it makes me look like a bad drag queen (and I have too much respect for the really sexy, wicked ones to be a tacky parody) and beyond that, I’m just not very girly. That sais I love the contrast between bright, deep red lips and a white cigarette, and there’s something inherently sensual about sliding a tube of gloss over my lips and puckering them as I take a deep, satisfying drag. My red lipstick smoking clips always seem to be really popular, and even though I think I look ridiculous ‘in real life’ in make-up I gotta admit I like them too.

quinn69 red lips smoking montage

In this clip I relax in bed in black and purple lingerie, bright red lips wrapped around a cigarette as I urge you to undress for me, teasing you coyly with lust in my eyes. I want you naked, and I want you hard. From there you know what else I want :). Tempting you with my body I draw you in as we build the intensity; your hand on your cock, my eyes burning into you.

You know what I want, and I always get what I want. I drag on my cigarette hungrily, smoke pouring from between my red lips as you follow my voice, my body, my smoke. Your body controlled by mine, the pleasure filling your every cell as you feel my eyes on you, guiding you, urging you to the precipice of the orgasm that I crave.

I want your cum and I always get what I want.

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