Abs Fetish Flexing and Breathing

quinn69 abs fetish clips snapshot

In the Kooky World of Fetish, Abs Fetish is One of My Favs

Growing up I always hated my stomach- I used to wish I had one of those wasp-waists you see on Barbie dolls and pin up girls. Funny how things work out though, my abs fetish clips have become on of my most popular and best-selling clips categories, which is kinda awesome considering how hard I work on my abs.

In this clip I start off with some deep breathing that shows off the expansion of my rib cage and the concave of my stomach, and as the clip progresses I slide up my undershirt to reveal my tits and full ribcage, tracing my fingertips along the contours of my abs and belly.

I love playing with my stomach muscles, flexing them so they ripple across my stomach and inhaling deeply while flexing to make them really pop. I like to wind my hips as well to show off my flexibility and my lats. In this abs fetish clip I say pretty still, the focus is on my breathing and my abdominal muscles as they tense and flex. It’s a gentle tease as my undershirt slowly rides up on my ribcage with each inhale and exhale, to reveal first the undersides of my tits, then my nipples until finally my whole chest is revealed.

Abs fetish is fun, and beyond that I’m delighted by how many guys are into my clips in this category. I love making different shapes with my body and besides, flexing my muscles during my clips is a great way to keep em toned between crunches. 🙂

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