Smoking Topless in Paradise

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Smoking Topless in Pink Panties in Paradise

And to think my tan has only gotten better 🙂

In this clip I play around in bed, smoking topless after a rather debaucherous night at a beach session. I light a smoke (I’ve switched to Marlies because my beloved Export A’s are pretty much impossible to find down here) and play around in bed in some lace pink panties, teasing you through the camera as my fingertips slide over my body.

webcam snapshots of quinn69 smoking topless in bed in pink lace panties

It’s hot down here, really hot, and good little environmentalist that I am I try not to run the AC too frequently. Luckily for you, as it means I try not to wear a top wherever possible.  I do pretty much everything indoors topless, and smoking topless as you can see is no exception.

Being a smoker down here in paradise is pretty awesome. Cigarettes are way less expensive than in Canada and because no one really does anything inside I can smoke wherever I want, whenever I want. And I do 🙂 Nothing beats smoking topless in bed after an amazing night out though, nothing.  🙂 

This is one of the first clips I shot in my new home in the sunshine, and of course it had to be a smoking fetish clip. 🙂 If you’d like your own copy you can pick it up below:

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