Skype Sessions In Paradise

camgirl quinn69 topless with a tan during skype sessions on cam

Skype Sessions in Paradise Are Better Than I Hoped 

It’s been about a week and a half since I arrived here in my new home and I’m settling into paradise quite nicely. I love my place, I fucking LOVE the pools and the beach and I’m really enjoying exploring the island. Luckily I’ve made a great new friend here already who has been giving me the non-tourist tour of local haunts and out of the way corners that have the best vibes. I’ve been having a wicked time on cam as well during my skype sessions; breaking in my new bed, couch, kitchen table and floor (next is the bathtub) with copious orgasms and bouts of laughter in equal measure. An extra plus that I wasn’t expecting: a huge boost in upload speeds! I always knew Canadian internet was ish (back in T.O. I paid a fortune for an upload speed that would make most of the rest of the world weep with despair) but wow…it is pretty bad ass down here. 🙂

In other news, even though I don’t live there anymore I’m delighted that Hudak and his merry band of right wing lunatics got trounced at the polls back in Canada: I wish I could have voted by absentee ballot but technically that would have been an ethical violation so I abstained, reluctantly. Well done Ontario for doing it right! 

But back to the important stuff: orgasms, fetish play and skype sessions. Now that I’m settling in I’m around more than I have been the past few weeks (ok, months), particularly since my mobile internet allows me to work poolside (and I’m basking in the sun as I type). Now that I’m in the swing of my new routine things are getting back to normal, although there def will be a few changes in my schedule long term. I probably won’t be doing as many late nights any more cuz I’m striving to have a more balanced life (and that includes at least some sleep), but on the upside I will be around more during the day and available for skype sessions since I don’t have a physical office to go to anymore (aside from the pool, of course). 

If I could change anything about this magical place I do wish it was a bit more private so I could actually get on cam for skype sessions poolside, but I can’t complain: near perfect is more than enough for me. It will be even better in a few weeks when my household decor (artwork, etc) arrives in a few weeks and I’m able to personalize this place- right now it’s very ‘standard and unoffensive beach-style which is cool but just needs a Jesse influence- and some central African sculpture. Speaking of perfection though, as promised here are some pics of my new little piece of paradise.

My most beloved (and badass) pool
My most beloved (and badass) pool
My balcony view
My balcony view
My 'office chair' poolside
My ‘office chair’ poolside

There’s also a smaller waterfall pool but to me the big one is prettier (the trees and bushes are filled with butterflies and birds) and I can do laps there, so it’s my main hangout. If you look close in the second pic you can see the ocean; it’s actually a three minute walk to the most beautiful vibrant turquoise beach I’ve ever experienced first-hand, but it’s proven really difficult to capture accurately cuz it’s so bright and sunny here. Life is rough 🙂

So yes, I made it here safe and sound, and I’m loving breaking in my new pad with y’all during our skype sessions. For real, I’ve always been a happy person but I never could have imagined that I could ever be this happy. Every day I wake up and I’m amazed at where I am and what my life has become. It really is a dream come true and I look forward to sharing that with each of you.

quinn69 naked with tan lines on webcam during a skype session

Peace and Love (and tan lines)