My New Skype Cam Show Home Base in the Sun

skype cam show photo montage of skype camgirl quinn69 stripping out of white silk lingerie

A Skype Cam Show in Paradise, Anyone? 🙂

So this weekend I got one step further in the final stages of what I like to call ‘Operation Sunshine’, but I must regret to inform y’all that this time next month you’ll be meeting me for a skpe cam show in paradise, as  I just put down a deposit on my new home. That’s right, I chose my new pad and it’s awesome 🙂 It’s right on the beach with two count ’em TWO pools and a Jacuzzi (although I can’t stand the idea of being in hot water when the sun is beating down on me so I’ll leave that amenity to the tourists). Truth be told I’m kinda in shock, as I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around the idea that I’ll actually be living at a resort, and a pretty damn sweet one at that.

While it sucks that I won’t have my own private pool (and yes, I appreciate how damn spoiled that line makes me seem) cuz I was looking forward to doing skype cam shows that include some nekkidness and debauchery poolside, I still plan on having a ton of adventures on and off cam. I just have to be a little discrete about it. 🙂 Most of y’all will see my new place the first time we get together for a skype cam show but I will also be posting some pics of my little piece of paradise here on my camgirl blog when I get there, as I don’t wanna post stock pics from the real estate listing. That would make it far too easy for creepers to do an image search to find out exactly where I’ll be living. 

skype camgirl quinn69 ready to shed her clothes for good
Ready to shed my clothes- for good!

I gotta say I’ve been blown away by all the well wishes and congratulations, I really appreciate all the vibes and support. It feels awesome to know how happy for me you all are (and extra bonus, now that I’m actually moving you won’t have to hear me talk about my ‘future’ plan anymore, it’s finally here!) and I can’t wait to finally get to fulfill my dream of skype cam show fun in the endless sun. I gotta pack though first…and buy new clothes. Or I’ll just live in bikinis. 🙂

Peace and Love,