Life and Independent Camming are Fucking Amazing

nude camgirl quinn69 posing during an independent camming session on skype

Independent Camming Rocks, as Does Everything Else

As my best friend would say with a wry smile, 2014 has been pretty auspicious so far this year. I gotta say that I agree. Knock on laptop, this year has been pretty fucking amazing so far from both a general life and independent camming perspective. On the latter tip, every time I read about my peers complaining about issues on the main cam sites I’m even more grateful that circumstances forced me to make the leap into running my own website, as I can’t say I’ve experienced any of the slowdowns I read about a LOT, even from camgirls who are amazing at what they do. Independent camming has been tremendously good to me, this year so far more than ever. Yay for that. 🙂 

As far as life goes, everything else is equally sweet. First off, I can finally start DVR’ing Barca matches again with the re-entrance of La Liga into this colonial backwater, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I missed Ray Hudson almost as much as I missed watching my second favorite club. Say what you will about that bombastic metaphor-mangler, dude entertains me to no end. Beyond that, it’s FINALLY spring and the sun is starting to return, and we’ve all managed to get through it without throwing ourselves off a roof in despair over the bitterly unending cold. 😀

In other good news, after a very impatient wait (patience has never been my forte) I got the big news about my move that I’ve been waiting eons to receive, so finally, FINALLY I’ll be bidding sayanora to this arctic continent- for good. I feel like I’ve been planning this move forever so it feels amazing to make the leap, and I’ve been happily tearing my house apart in preparation for the move.  I gotta say how shocked I am by how many possessions I own, but I’m enjoying creating my ‘to sell’, ‘to give away’ and ‘to toss’ zones, with very little ending up in the last zone of ‘to take with me’. Ridding myself of old stuff feels kinda….cleansing in a way, and even ruthlessly going through my beloved book collection isn’t nearly as traumatic as I expected it to be. 

Of the few things I will be taking with me, my toys, strap on and webcam will be high on that list, so while I think most of y’all  already know this I am definitely going to keep up with my independent camming sessions from my new home in sunnier climes, (which means you’ll get to enjoy my tan lines year round). 🙂


There are so many things I’m looking forward to…being surrounded by beauty and green (I have a mad tree fetish, I crave green), the sun and going to the beach on the regular. I haven’t made a final decision on my new home yet but all of the options I’m looking at have pools, so between that and the beach I intend to pretty much live in the water when I’m not writing or on cam.  

So my big news is finally here. Holy fuck that took forever. I hope life is being amazing to each and every one of you reading this. Thank you for all the congratulations, well wishes, not to mention the orgasms. 🙂

Peace and Love,