Smoking Skype Show in a Black Dress

smoking skype show screenshot of camgirl in black dress

There’s something about smoking that’s sensual, hedonistic and sophisticated. I’m not quite sure why but when I’m all dressed up I feel a bit more feminine if I have a cigarette between my lips. 🙂 As most of you already know I love dressing up in feminie lingerie during my smoking skype shows, but I detest dressing up for ‘the real world’. Jut give me my docs and old jeans please.

Last week I had to go to a work function and I had to dress up, full evening wear with heels and all. I even carried a purse (I actually love it, it’s a free trade hand-beaded work of art, I’m just not a ‘purse’ sorta girl). When I got home and turned on my computer I got an immediate request for a smoking skype show, and since I was all dressed up already I decided to keep my dress on. After I threw my high heels across the room I jumped on cam and did a strip tease out of my dress as I smoked. 

smoking skype show screenshot montage

In this smoking fetish video, inspired by that smoking skype show, I recline in bed and tease you with my legs and bare feet as I draw deeply on my cigarette, and as the cigarette burns down I move closer to the camera to give you a better look at my bright red lips and cleavage popping out of the top of my dress as I stroke and squeeze my tits. You also find out if I’m wearing any panties 🙂

The vibe of this video, like the smoking skype show upon which it was based, is sensual and teasing. Click below to pick up your own copy 🙂

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