See You In the Endless Sunshine

q69 wm

I’ve Said Goodbye to My City, Now I’m Saying Goodbye to My Country

Having left T.O. I’m spending a few days in the wilderness with my parents and lots of visitors, getting in a last few (thousand) hugs before I get on the plane and head south. I’m surrounded by trees (yay the green is back) , people I love, copious amounts of cats (my affection for all things felis catus is a hereditary trait) and now, watching the sun rise after a night of visits, phone sex after everyone went to bed and contemplation stirred with a few diet root beer vodkas I’m feeling a mix of emotions. Excitement, exhaustion and a bit of melancholy. On the one hand I’m dying to leave, I have been planning this move for fucking years and I want it to happen already, but on the other hand it’s finally hitting me that in leaving I’m, well…leaving, and I fucking hate goodbyes. Y’all who know me know my family (my chosen family comprised of both wicked peeps with whom I share genetic ancestry and those with whom I don’t) and I are super-close.  For that reason, even in the age of skype, easy travel and cheap flights saying goodbye is really tough. I think that’s ultimately a good thing though. I’ve spent quite a few decades here and I built a great life for myself filled with people I cherish. I think it would be a sad statement if I left without a care, if I had no one to miss once I left.

Final sunrises in Canada are beautiful by the way. I’m overlooking a lake with a brilliant yellow and coral sunrise, birds chirping, kittens rubbing against my legs in figure-eights and mewling for temptations treats cuz they know I dole ’em out like candy. A good start to my final day. I’m tired as fuck but I wanted one last beautiful sunrise. Now I’ll get my ass off to bed. Next time you see me I’ll be in paradise, and the next chapter in this kooky thing called life begins. Skype shows on an island in endless sun are almost here 🙂

Peace and Love,