Muscle Fetish Smoking and Flexing

muscle fetish smoking cam girl on webcam in black spandex

Muscle Fetish and Smoking Fit Together So Well, Go Figure

As anyone who knows me knows, in my esteemed opinion smoking fits well with, pretty much everything. What surprised me when I started exploring muscle fetish was how well smoking and displays of physical strength meld with one another. I suppose it makes sense, in that powerful muscles and smoking are both seen as typically ‘male’ traits/behaviors, but on the health tip it makes no fucking sense 🙂 Be that as it may, I love smoking while I flex and pose my muscles, and I’m delighted that so many of y’all feel the same 🙂

In today’s video feature I’m wearing a tight black spandex top that I KNOW you’ll recognize from our cam sex play (it’s one of my most comfy ‘sexy’ pieces of clothing and I smoke an Export A cig as I flex and pose my bad-ass biceps and arm muscles. I rarely watch my videos after I’ve edited and watermarked ’em…it feels odd to see myself on cam and no matter how hot the result I’m rarely satisfied with the tech details of my fetish videos, but this one I love. From the top of my head, to my eyes, to my lips,down to my powerful muscles below, I KNOW that I can kick your ass. The cigarette hanging from my lips only fuels my sense of innate power. I love the intensity I reveal in this muscle fetish smoking video, and as such find it worthy of inclusion as a feature here. 

skype cam girl flexing her biceps on webcam

I dunno what it was that took this video that took it over the top…maybe I was in an awesome mood (a fequent occurence), maybe I was feeling cranky that day (it happens from time to time) or maybe I just got lost in the moment, as is my wont. Whatever the inspiration, if you’re down with bad-add cam girls who aren’t afraid to throw their metaphorical weight around you can download this video now on the link below.

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Let the meek be warned, I am as scary as I look 🙂