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muscle fetish skype and yahoo cam girl Quinn69

Skype Muscle Fetish Cam Girl Quinn69

Muscle Fetish: Worship and Domination

Muscle fetish is sexual arousal related to muscles and physical dominance. Often the fetish involves the desire to worship, touch and stroke the body of the muscular individual, or conversely involves sexual arousal based upon bullying,  threatening and physical dominance over weaker, smaller submissives. In both types of muscle fetish (which often overlap, they are not mutually exclusive fetish niches) sexual arounsal also often involves flexing, body part comparison and muscle control. Many muscle fetishists also favor one specific body part/muscle group over all others, for example biceps, abs or calves.


Muscle Fetish Skype Camgirl

I’m not your ‘typical’ muscle fetish skype and yahoo cam girl, and by that I mean I don’t look like a competitive body builder (I’m not), and when I’m not flexing my muscles my body appears fairly small. Alot of the muscle fetish connoisseurs I meet during my cam shows and who pick up my videos actually make a point of telling me how surprising that is, and how much they enjoy that ‘hidden’ quality of my bad-ass guns, abs and thighs.

I work out….alot 🙂 Mostly kenpo, Insanity, running, yoga and swimming, although I do some weight lifting just to keep myself feeling as strong as possible. I make alot of muscle worship videos that emphasize the sensual aspects of my strong body, but I also really adore doing muscle domination. I thrive on terrifying you through the camera with my ability to kick your ass, and I love seeing the fear tinged with desire in your eyes during muscle fetish cam2cam shows on skype and yahoo. I’m just under 5’9″, and while my muscles don’t bulge out of my body they are strong and cut. You know I could take you, and you love it 🙂


Skype and Yahoo Cam Girl Quinn69 Flexing and Smoking 

muscle fetish skype camgirls posing and flexing

For some reason I really enjoy combining smoking and muscle fetish, maybe because the two activities combined make me feel extra bad-ass, or perhaps just because I love smoking while doing pretty much everything, really. I do concede it’s a somewhat bizarre combination, in that smoking is a pretty unhealthy activity in contrast to every other part of my lifestyle, but I find that smoking meshes really well with sensual muscle worship fetish and more seductive displays of my muscular body.

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muscle fetish skype and yahoo cam girl

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