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Smoking Fetish Cam Sex: Variations and Niches

Smoking fetish involves individuals who are sexually aroused by smoking, or more often watching someone smoke or participating in smoking-related sex play. There are many different varieties of smoking fetish, including ‘pure’ smoking fetish (watching someone smoke, inhale and exhale), lighting fetish (sexual arousal involving the lighting of a cigarette), addiction fetish (arousal based on the addiction of  the smoker) and smoking domination (being forced to smoke, blowing smoke on the submissive partner). As smoking is generally perceived to be a ‘dominant’ or masculine behaviour, smoking fetish is often mixed with cuckolding, domination and BDSM

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Sensual and Domination Smoking Fetish Skype Cam Girl Quinn69

As a skype smoking cam girl I offer a variety of  styles of skype and yahoo smoking cam shows and fetish videos. While I enjoy pure smoking cam sex, I often combine smoking fetish with sensual sex cam shows and videos as well as those rooted in Domination. Many of my cuckolding, sph (small penis humiliation) and muscle dominance cam shows and videos feature smoking as an integral aspect of the scene and plot, and since I love smoking while I do pretty much everything that works out well for me 🙂

Here you can get a taste of my skype smoking cam girl fetish pics and videos. These pics are still shots taken with the webcam I use for my skype and yahoo cam shows, from a smoking fetish video I shot recently. Enjoy 🙂

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Want To Hear More About My Thoughts On Sex and Smoking? Watch and Listen As I Smoke 🙂

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Smoking Inhaling Sharply And Talking About Why I Love It

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I consider smoking to be an inherently sensual and sexual act. I love the feel of the smoke in my throat and the taste of tobacco on my lips, and I feel incredibly bad-ass dominating and humiliating you with a cigarette dangling from my lips.  I especially love that so many of you share your smoking fetish with me. If you have a smoking cam girl custom video or picture set request, email me at, or contact me on yahoo to book a private one-on-one smoking fetish skype webcam show 🙂

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