What I’ve Been Up To Between Skype Sex Trysts


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My Life Between Skype Sex Calls

Intense skype sex may always be an awesome part of my day, but I really am internalizing the reality that a camgirl needs to step away from her computer every now and then. I don’t wanna jinx anything (knock on keyboard) but this summer is shaping up to be the polar opposite of last summer’s stress test from hell 🙂

While I’m loving work I am taking a bunch of time away from my computer and it’s becoming a somewhat effortless endeavor…y’all know I have a hard time being -gasp- unproductive but today I spent an entire hour ON A WEEKDAY reading between skype sex calls. Not coding, not writing, not strategizing, just reading. For fun. With a kitten or two on my lap. Yes, they looked at me reproachfully every time I had the temerity to move them so I could jump on cam.  On the reading tip, aside from some ‘comfort food’ bell hooks I’ve been re-reading some old John Connolly books (not my typical genre there but I love Louis and Angel and his plot lines are wicked).

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As an extra incentive to actually step away from my computer when I’m not working or in flagrante during skype sex, the outdoor pools in T.O. are finally open, which means I can do more outside than just soak up the paltry Northern rays. I’ll be going away this weekend as well, a little trip to spend some time with my parents who I really fucking need to see more often, but I’ll still be available for skype sex and phone calls late at night after everyone but me has gone to bed 🙂

Beyond goofing off and getting naked on skype, my kitten is finally finished with his surgeries and while he’s a little worse for wear he’s a tough kitten and is getting through recovery well. Giving him his pills is another story. I knew he was going to be ok but general anesthetics can be dangerous, so I’m just really relieved it’s all over with.  

So yes, between wicked skype sex and fetish shows I’m having a wicked start to a new season. Happy summer y’all, now meet me on cam to tear my clothes off 🙂

Peace and Love,

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