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Who Are Independent Skype Camgirls?


If you’re accustomed to network camsites, then encountering independent skype camgirls is quite different than what you’re used to 🙂 Most people are familiar with what I like to call ‘big box camming’, which involves visiting a website that features many different cam girls in their own individual cam rooms, all listed together on the same cam site. The customer selects a cam girl and she performs a cam show with the customer on that website, using that site’s video streaming technology. What makes independent skype camgirls different is that we use messenger services like yahoo and skype for our webcam sex shows. Guys like you find us on our own websites (like my own, or on a shared listing service. You message us through yahoo or skype messenger services and we use video calls for our cam sex shows. 🙂


How Do Skype Cam Sex Shows Work?


The process is pretty simple. You find yourself an independent skype camgirl on her own website, or on a shared independent listing service. You check out her pics, read her profile, get a sense if she’s the type of cam girl you’d like to have some fun with. What next? Message her on yahoo or skype using the contact button listed on her profile or website. Let her know what you’re in the mood for, and she’ll tell you whether this is something she provides. The independent camgirl will then send you a link to a safe, secure and discreet payment processor for you to book a show. Some of us have our own processing. Some use the processing of listing sites. My booking page is found here 🙂 Once the booking is made.

Then we do a video call together and have a blast 🙂 Most skype and cam girls use cam 2 cam and audio during their webcam sex/fetish/gfe shows (I always do) but always ask her beforehand, just to make sure.


How Do I Know These Are Real Independent Skype Camgirls?

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I get asked this question every now and then. I do understand the wariness in part, as unfortunately unscrupulous people do exist. The most important thing to remember when selecting a cam girl is that payment processors like ccbill and zombaio set very rigorous standards for their merchants. Cam girls who defraud their customers get their payment processing shut down. As such, an important consideration from a customer perspective is the payment options  independent cam girls offer. Using payment methods such as paypal affords you NO protection, as paypal does not authorize ‘adult transactions’ such as webcam sex shows. In selecting independent cam girls with legit payment processing such as ccbill and zombaio, you can be assured that these independent skype camgirls are real and will provide you with the show you have booked.

Another thing to consider is that independent skype camgirls form a fairly small and tight community. We know who each other are, and cam girls who scam quickly get a (well-deserved) horrible reputation that drives them out of business. Many listing services also feature a verification process, wherein the independent cam girls who desire to be listed on the site perform on an on-cam verification with the site staff before their profiles are activated. I’ve had to perform a verification for almost every independent listing service I’ve ever signed up for, and there have been many over the years 🙂 I really like that system, as it drives the (thankfully rare) scammers out of business that much more quickly.


What Are The Benefits of Skype Cam Sex Shows?

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The benefits are many. 🙂 For independent cam girls such as myself, independent camming allows me to do the  yahoo and skype cam sex and fetish shows I love while still maintaining the freedom to do other things when I’m not on cam. I don’t have the time nor the patience to sit in a free chat room, so doing skype and yahoo cam shows is ideal for me. When I’m not on cam I’m doing other things, and being an independent camgirl gives me the freedom to not have to choose between all the different meaningful activities in which I want to engage on any given day. I f#%king LOVE that 🙂 🙂

For customers, the benefits of choosing independent skype camgirls are that independent webcam sex show prices tend to be slightly lower than ‘big box’ cam show prices, as independent cam girls have lower overhead costs. As well, in choosing skype and yahoo cam girls you’re assured that you’ll have our complete and undivided attention, as you won’t have any other customers intruding on your private webcam sex show. Skype and yahoo cam shows are by definition exclusive and one-on-one and YOU are the center of attention 🙂

Further, the video quality of skype video calls is vastly superior to the technology available on most ‘big box’ cam sites, and also allows for full-screen video streaming. Honestly, until I switched over to independent camming from ‘big box’, I never really knew what any of my webcam sex playmates really looked like, as the cam2cam image boxes on my old sites were little bigger than a thumbnail. I love skype for the consistent high quality of the video stream, and would highly recommend selecting skype as your first choice video call method.


I hope I’ve answered any questions you may have had about independent skype camgirls and cam sex shows. If so, you should probably celebrate your new-found knowledge and book a show today 🙂 I guarantee you’ll have an amazing time, and I’d love to pop your skype cam show cherry 🙂 🙂


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