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Questions Independent Cam Girls Get Asked Alot 🙂

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 We independent cam girls get asked a ton of questions, so here on this page you can read my responses to some of the questions I (and my peers) get asked most frequently. 


Why Don’t Independent Cam Girls Accept Paypal?

No independent cam girls that take themselves or their job seriously accept paypal. Read the Terms of Service. Paypal does not authorize ‘adult transactions’ (webcam sex shows are by definition ‘adult’), so in using this particular payment method both parties risk having their accounts frozen and terminated.

Further, when using paypal both parties risk being scammed. For independent cam girls the risk lies in the ease with which assholes can charge back their skype cam show purchase, and for customers, the risk is that unethical independent cam girls can easily accept payment and disappear without performing the show they were paid for. Since both parties are breaching the Terms of Service, to whom are they going to complain when they get screwed over?

It’s silly, there are a ton of safe and discreet adult-friendly payment processing options under the sun (I have several listed on my Book A Skype Cam Show page) so there’s absolutely no need to use adult-unfriendly payment systems. No paypal bb.

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Why Can’t I ‘Break Up’ My Cam Shows?

Because the fundamental balance of the universe will shift and the world as we know it shall be torn asunder.

All in all seriousness, though, I don’t permit the portioning out of one show booking into a smaller series of bookings for one reason: that would mean I’m doing discounts, and I don’t believe in giving discounts. I don’t do half-assed shows, so I’m not going to reduce my rates for them, ever. Besides, my rates are infinitely reasonable to begin with 🙂

To illustrate my policy more clearly, if you check out my skype cam show rates you’ll see that the price per min of my skype webcam shows decreases as the duration of the show rises. A 10 min show costs more per min than two 5 min shows (which I don not do, minimum 10 mins for the pleasure we share in our company). A one hour show costs less than two 30 min shows, etc, etc.

This reflects the fact that every time I get on cam there’s a certain amount of prep work involved…I close up whatever I’m doing, change outfits (I welcome outfit requests after a booking has been made), set up my cam if I’ve been using it for something else (shooting fetish videos, taking cat pics, whatever). And most importantly to you, getting in the head mind to meet YOU. I love our shows, but I’m not a robot. I need a moment to get into our vibe. A short moment, but a moment.

More often than not if it’s hot out I’m working poolside between my skype cam shows so it takes a few mins to head inside and set up, I rarely if ever sit in my cam room when I’m not actually on cam.

If you book a 20 min show ($75) and we’re only on skype for 10 mins, my policy is that this now becomes a 10 min show price ($40). I am more than willing to carry the balance of $35 forward to add on to an additional booking in the future, but I will not do a new 10 min show without a new booking without an extra $5 to make it $40. Same goes with longer bookings. If you book an hour and we’re on for $45 mins, that means we’ve done a $95 show (45 mins). The extra $25 ($120-$95) can be carried forward to a new booking.

As a policy I will not do 10 min shows on mins carried over. Carrying over mins is something I choose to do, not something I’m obligated to do. I want to be reasonable and to have us both be happy, all I ask is that you extend the same to me in return 🙂

What some guys prefer to do is book a large block of time to allow for more spontaneity in meeting for a skype cam show, but there the same system applies. Say you book $300 and we do a 30 min show. The balance carried forward is now $230 (300-70). If the next cam show we do is 40 mins long, the balance then carried forward is $140 (230-90). See? Math is fun 🙂

I know there’s occasionally questions about all this stuff works, particularly amongst those of y’all who are relatively new to independent skype cam girls, so I hope I’ve explained this well without your eyes glazing over. 


Why Don’t More Independent Cam Girls Offer Free Previews?

While there’s no law against asking for a preview, what guys need to understand is that we independent cam girls are contacted dozens of times a day on skype by random guys asking for previews. Sure, some of these guys may be legit customers, but many are bored losers trying to get a few moments of free attention. It’s sad, really, but I’m not here to entertain guys with too much time on their hands for free 🙂

 I tend not to offer previews mainly because I don’t sit in my cam room all day between calls. The beauty of independent camming is that I do other things between skype webcam shows, and if I dropped what I was doing every time I received a message from a guy asking me to turn on my cam for free I’d never get anything done. That’s why I only do paid previews, and only when I’m already in my cam room. Some chicas do previews for any customers who ask, while others refuse to do any. I’m not particularly militant either way, I just do what works for me, in any given moment on any given day. That generally means no previews. 🙂 

The way I look at it, I’ve been an independent cam girl for a long time now, I love it and I’m really good at it. I have enough amazing playmates that I don’t feel the need to bend over backwards for every guy out there with a skype account 🙂

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I Want to Contact You to Book A Skype Cam Show. Why Won’t you Add Me on Skype?

I’m probably busy or don’t feel like seeing new-to-me clients at that moment. Send me a request and I’ll respond when I’m available. I look forward to seeing you!

I’m sure I’ll add more questions and answers as time goes by, but for now here is my perspective on the four main questions we independent cam girls encounter on skype.

The more you know 😉


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