Settling in to My New Home

quinn69 posing in gray lace panties

So three months in I’m finally feeling settled in paradise!!

I apologize for not keeping my camgirl blog up to date but since I figured that most of y’all who actually take the time to read it see me regularly on skype anyways I could divert my attention to other much more pressing matters than jotting down my random musings while I got settled in. Three months in the dust is finally settling and although I kinda feel like I’ve been put through a wringer I’m happy as hell and life is wicked.

A few things I’ve discerned about my new home and observations on my move:

1) There is no such thing as a single shot drink here, ALL of them are doubles (which to be honest has come in handy in a few moments when I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by everything). Fuck I hate adapting to change, even when it’s change for the better.

2) L’il Wayne is a constant everywhere, even in the doc’s office waiting room I was singing along that indeed, these hoes ain’t loyal 🙂

3) The mail service sucks supremely

4) Never, ever make a life changing move simultaneous to starting a new business

5) The people on this island are the fucking bomb. NEVER have I experienced such warmth, such welcome anywhere. I hang mostly with Jamaican ex-pats and while I accustomed to that, this island is different, it makes people nicer, even me. An odd phenomenon but true to a fault, and really wicked to experience. Even for myself, I like who I am here, far more than I did back in T.O.

6) The scrubbiest, off the track open-air clubs are the best. By FAR.

7) I never could have dreamed I’d live surrounded by such beauty. It takes my breath away, frequently, and I hope I never lose that. 

8) Dueling tan lines look ridiculous 🙂 (fuck it, Imma rock em anyways).

topless camgirl quinn69 with bright red lips

Truth is I’m having a blast and life is awesome. Even my kittens are way happier and less screamy here. I do feel like I’ve emerged from a wringer in that I made the ambitious decision to open a new business mid-move, which left me totally at the mercy of banks that kept promising things they couldn’t deliver, but I’ve emerged on the other side with a brand new home and a brand new site and I’m thoroughly delighted by both.

I’ve finally settled into my new routine of early am run, research in the a.m., Insanity workout break followed by cam shows, shooting content and swimming mixed intermittently throughout the afternoon and evening, with a few nights off for clubbing and days at the beach on the weekends. I am offline way more than I used to be but to be honest I need that, and I’ve created a new site for y’all to check out amazing cam girls when I’m not around at There you can also pick up all my latest sex clips and fetish videos as well.

So yeah, I’m here and as all the craziness of the transition dissipates it’s finally starting to feel like ‘home’. I am looking forward to teasing the hell out of a lot of you once it gets cold way up North but still, I’ll be here to warm ya up 🙂

Peace and Love,