Away From Cam Shows, Skype, Everything and Feeling the Bliss

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So here I am at the beach on a random sunny Saturday. Now that ‘winter’ is on it’s way it’s cold here-81 degrees. 🙂

I woke up this morning feeling contemplative, didn’t really feel like parring with anyone so I abandoned my skype cam shows (bad camgirl, I know) and hit the beach solo after publishing a few new clips. Shameless plug, you can pick up all my latest clips here. The pic above is a snapshot from one of my recent clips.

I love people but I like being alone here sometimes. Back in Canada I hated being alone with my thoughts, in fact designed my life so I’d be busy every. single. minute so as to avoid really going there in my head. Here though it’s not so scary, rather pretty instructive actually.

Laying in sun, watching the waves crash in a hypnotic rhythm, I feel totally at peace. The beach, my beach, is as close as I’ve ever come to having a spiritual experience; the overwhelming beauty of nature here obliterates all cares, concerns, worries, doubts and just centers life in an exquisite, orgasmic moment of yesssssss.

tha beach 3border

I really love my life, and I’m incredibly lucky to have awesome peeps to share it with, both online and off. Don’t care if that sounds like fan service, it’s the truth. Now I shall put away my pen and go back to my trip hop-fueled gazing at the ocean before I jump in for another dip. I have a rough life.

Peace and Love,