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Join me on snapchat @CamModelShows to catch daily pics and video clips by yours truly, as well as the amazing independent camgirls I’m honored to work with at

I’m still a total luddite but snapchat is kinda fun, and it’s a great way for me to keep in touch with you between cam trysts :). Plus you get to meet all the badass camgirls I work with daily, extraordinary women who know and love what we’re all about here: amazing people getting off together

Oh yeah, and it’s free too 🙂

Peace and Love,

paw231  Jesse



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Let’s explore the depths of our imaginations and filthy vocabularies with a private text chat session on Skype, involving everything from fetish fantasy to full on, nail me to the wall fuck sessions.
I love using my words and my mind to make you explode, and if you’re down to make it mutual all the better=p


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10 mins– $20     15 mins– $30

20 mins– $40    30 mins– $60

45 mins– $90   60 mins– $120

2 hours– $240

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 Please contact me to make sure that I’m available before you book a skype text session. 


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