Skype Cuckolding Goes Well With a Filthy Mind

skype cuckolding screenshot of camgirl smoking in a pink bra

Recently I received a pink lace bra as a gift from a friend who loves my tits, and he begged me to use it in a skype cuckolding and SPH fetish video. My tits do look pretty hot in it, so why not tease some inadequately-endowed corner-dwellers while I’m at it?

In this video I get pretty filthy, I drag hard on my cigarette and laugh my ass off at what a pathetic little (emphasis on the little) loser you are, and I tease you with my tits bursting out of the pink satin and lace. You even get to see them when I slip out of my bra, not that you deserve that. 🙂

smoking and skype cuckolding photo gallery

 I get pretty explicit in this video, my filthy mind and vocabulary in over-drive as I tell you all about the other men and fuck and how much they satisfy me, in ways you and that ridiculous little dick of yours never could. I talk about my favorite positions, how it feels to fuck a REAL man, and all the way through I revel in the pwer of knowing you’re unable to cast your eyes away from my bright red lips and my perfect B cups spilling out of the top of my bra. You’re captivated, as all good little skype cuckolds should be. I base a lot of my fetish videos on things I enjoy during my cam shows, as I find it way easier to really dig into a scenario when I have a victim, erm, playmate off whom to feed 🙂 and this video is no different. It’s inspired by a skype cuckolding show I enjoyed with the gift-giver, and since with him I’m really mean and dirty I totally got into the scene while shooting. He also adore tease and denial, so my tits were definite co-stars during this shoot. 🙂

You can pick up your own copy of my latest smoking, SPH and cuckolding video inspired by a recent wicked skype cuckolding cam show at the link below. God I have a filthy mind….I think you’ll love it. 🙂


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