Muscle Flexing Fantasies

Muscle Flexing Power

Muscle Flexing Camgirl Hiding Beneath an Innocent Exterior

One of the things I love most about skype cam sex is that it’s so conducive to really unique fantasies and role play scenarios, and that goes double for fetish cam shows and videos like this one 🙂 Today’s video was inspired by my run earlier today (yes, I am bat shit crazy enough to run in this heat) :). I was running alone because my best friend bailed due to the scorching heat and half way through the park some random guy starts running along beside me, panting away and criticizing everything from my shoes to my running technique. It was charming, I think he was trying to ‘neg’ me or something 😀 Anyways, rather than respond I just picked up my pace and raced on ahead of him, leaving the poor failed PUA in my proverbial dust. Ha! 😀

Inspired by that episode (I mean, I wasn’t even running full-out and the dude couldn’t keep up), I created a fantasy of meeting you at a bar and teasing you with my secret. You have no idea what I’m talking about, of course, but when you call me ‘baby’ you find out-fast. I slide down my wrap and show you my arms…they look ‘normal’, right? You look closer and sees my muscles bulging and growing in front of your very eyes. Is it a trick, something I put in your drink, or am I really that strong and powerful? As I stand over you, teasing you with my strong and powerful body and watching your fear and desire grow with each flex of my powerful muscles you suddenly feel my omnipotence, my complete and total power over you. You’re entranced, captivated and very very afraid 🙂


 I have way too much fun with this 😀

This muscle flexing camgirl video captures everything I love about skype fetish sex and making videos, the limits really are our own imaginations. You can pick up your own copy of my newest muscle flexing video below, or visit my skype cam show page to book a skype muscle domination show. 

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