A Cruel SPH Tease

cruel sph smoking girl in black latex

A Cruel SPH Tease for a Small Cock Wanker

While my SPH cam shows and videos tend to be more light-hearted teasing and playful degradation, when I get into the mood for cruel SPH I need to really get into it. This cruel SPH camgirl video is a perfect example of that. 🙂

I’ve invited you over to my place and you’re so excited, I mean, you really think you’re going to fuck me! In the immortal words of Charlie Murphy in a brilliant Chappelle skit, wrong. I’ve heard all the rumors about your tiny cock-and believe me your physical failings are an open secret- but I need to see this for myself. 

smoking camgirl doing cruel sph webcam picture montage

I strip you naked and you’re so damn excited, until your slide off your boxers and I collapse into a fit of laughter. Holy fuck, you’re even smaller than I thought you’d be. Just to be sure I compare your cock to all of my sex toys, and surprise surprise you totally don’t measure up. I move on to a lighter and to an unlit cigarette, and still they’re monsters compared to you. 😀  I laugh at you throughout, blowing clouds of smoke in your face as I exhale just because I can. Look at you, sitting there so pathetic and small, driven wild with lust as you watch me tease you, unable to take your eyes off my body or your hands off that tiny cock. Mocking you just isn’t enough though, I think I need to completely ruin your life. I’m gonna take some pictures of you shriveled and nude and pass them around to all your friends and co-workers, and no women will ever fuck you again. 

You can pick up your own copy and check out my cruel SPH camgirl video style below. Find out for yourself what a small cock loser you are. 🙂 

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