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CFNM Webcam Sex: What Is It?

CFNM webcam shows are skype fetish cam shows wherein my male playmate gets naked while I remained clothed. CFNM webcam sex (the acronym stands for ‘Clothed Female/Naked Male’) can involve elements of power exchange, Domination or humiliation, but also can be gentle and sensual, with elements of JOI (jerk off instruction), sensual domination, erotic femininity or fetishized articles of clothing such as spandex, latex, lingerie and leather. 


Why I Love CFNM Webcam Sex

I love skype fetish sex in general because I love incorporating the delights of the mind into the physical act of skype sex, and fetish is all about the mind AND the body. I adore CFNM webcam sex in particular because I love to guide, dominate, control and explore female supremacy with skype sex playmates who get a thrill out of handing themselves over for me to do with as a please. I got into CFNM webcam sex about 2 years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite forms of fetish to explore during my skype and yahoo cam shows.   To have a man naked before me while I preside over you, guiding you to do and say what I want thrills me, and it’s about as much fun as a girl can have with her clothes on 😀


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As a skype camgirl I see naked men on cam every day, and the visual center of my brain loves it all. What’s so special about CFNM fetish though? It’s that I’m in total control. In CFNM fetish cam sex and videos I decide what I want to see, I get to control your body, your movements and yes, ultimately when you get to cum:). I love to dominate a willing cam sex partner, and watch you quiver with excitement as you feel my eyes burn into your body, as my words guide your hands over your skin. 


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If you’re also a fan of cfnm webcam sex, or even if you’re just interested in trying it,  visit my Book a Skype Sex Show page to schedule a CFNM webcam sex skype show