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Audio Erotica, Fetish Stories and Fantasy

As a camgirl I’ve always enjoyed shotting sex and fetish clips, but recently I’ve started to delve into audio erotica as well. It started out as one simple custom request that I really enjoyed making, and that turned out to be really fucking popular. From there I began recording audio erotica more frequently, and there’s something about exploring the fantasies and erotic scenarios in my head without the distraction of the webcam that really appeals to me, and surprisingly, to many of y’all as well. 🙂

My audio erotica runs the gamut of fairly vanilla sex with tinges of fetish (sensual domination, JOI, smoking, etc) to more overtly fetish-oriented scenarios- like everything I do both on and off cam what I do at any given moment totally depends on what kinda mood I’m in. Still, I do enjoy custom requests and fulfillig your fantasies, so as with my fetish clips if you have a custom request for an audio erotica clip please drop me a note at, I’d love to explore it and fulfill it for you. 

My fav types of audio erotica, like my fetish clips, include sensual domination, Femdom, smoking, mesmerize and sub training, and I’m also enjoying a lot of SPH, CBT, encouraged bi and jerk off instruction lately. Pretty much the only fetish I enjoy on cam that I find doesn’t translate very well in audio format is muscle fetish, and as the visual appearance of my abs and biceps play such a large role in that I guess it makes sense. 🙂 


Jesse Quinn Audio Erotica


I still sell clips and custom content via download links but you can pick up anything from my recent catalog in my new fetish and sex clips studio. That includes my rapidly-growing audio erotica catalog, which I’ll be uploading over the next few days. I Hope you enjoy, I’ve had a lot of fun recording them. 🙂

To check out my audio sex and fetish stories visit my Audio Erotica category, and to view my entire catalog visit my Jesse Quinn Clips studio.